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Instructions for Authors: Do’s and Don’ts for Academic Journals by Scholastica

Does your journal have a tendency to get manuscripts with pesky technical errors you wish authors would have avoided by simply following your submission instructions? Can better author guidelines speed up your journal’s workflow?


NEW TECHNOLOGY IN SCIENTIFIC WORK. For better visualization of your article you can take a “visual abstract” by the Creative Director at Annals of Surgery. Some examples can be seen below as well as on Twitter by following the hashtag #VisualAbstract

Modern paradigm of microscopic colitis

The article presents the current state of the problem of rarely yet diagnosed disease – microscopic colitis, including epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, new diagnostic approaches and therapeutic strategy. Освещено современное состояние проблемы относительно редко пока ещё диагностируемого заболевания – микроскопического колита, включая вопросы эпидемиологии, патогенеза, клиники, новых диагностических подходов и терапевтических стратегий. Source:

How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper

It’s a very interesting and practical paper about How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper from Patients Helping Patients Blog How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper

Connective tissue dysplasia in children

Connective tissue dysplasia (CTD) is a heterogeneous group of connective tissue diseases of a polygenic-multifactorial nature, united in phenotypes on the basis of a commonness of external and / or visceral signs.