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Malignant disease in children is fortunately relatively rare. Nevertheless, in children over the age of 1 year, it still remains the second commonest disease causing death in the developed world. In Russia the pediatric oncology is much more open to the western countries, then it was before.

Hashtags in scientific work

In the paper “Disease-Specific Hashtags for Online Communication About Cancer Care” by Matthew S. Katz et al. from JAMA  Oncol.  analyzed the effectiveness of Hashtags in medical work.

Breast Cancer Signs: 5 Rarely Discussed Early Warning Signs By Ty Bollinger

Very interesting resourse about the Breast Cancer and Early Signs of Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Signs: 5 Rarely Discussed Early Warning Signs  

Harmonic Focus scalpel for treatment of Wilms’ tumor in child

Case report of 1-year patient with damaging of Wilms’ tumor (Stage IV). According to the current staging and treatment SIOP 9 protocol, patient received the preoperative chemotherapy.

Modern surgical strategies in pediatric oncology

In review showed modern surgical strategies in selected areas of pediatric oncology. The newer energy sources have contributed to less blood and thus fewer complications following major resections. Robotic, endoscopy and stereotactic surgery have been the major advances in the treatment of pediatric tumours. There is more dependence on the use of chemotherapy, newer protocols […]

Clinical and morphological predictors in the surgical treatment of hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Prognostically significant risk factors in patients with portal cholangiocarcinoma (Klatskin tumor) defining the longterm results of surgical treatment were identified. Survival analysis showed