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The chronic constipation in childhood, in spite of the modern development of coloproctology, remains serious and in many aspects an unresolved problem. Therefore the choice of volume of an optimum level of resection is of great importance in depression of quantity of relapses after the surgical treatment. The differentiated approach applied now to surgical treatment in constipation is based on radiological data (a choice of the […]


Malignant disease in children is fortunately relatively rare. Nevertheless, in children over the age of 1 year, it still remains the second commonest disease causing death in the developed world. In Russia the pediatric oncology is much more open to the western countries, then it was before.


Treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in newborns remains an urgent problem in modern pediatric surgery and intensive care. The main reason is a large amount of septic complications and high mortality in this group of patients.

Adhesive Processes in the Abdominal Cavity

Intraperitoneal adhesions remain a common problem after abdominal surgery. However, the advent of targeted, specific agents as a directed therapy against inflammatory and neoangiogenesis raises the prospect of a new approach for anti-adhesion strategies.

Modern paradigm of microscopic colitis

The article presents the current state of the problem of rarely yet diagnosed disease – microscopic colitis, including epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, new diagnostic approaches and therapeutic strategy. Освещено современное состояние проблемы относительно редко пока ещё диагностируемого заболевания – микроскопического колита, включая вопросы эпидемиологии, патогенеза, клиники, новых диагностических подходов и терапевтических стратегий. Source:

Harmonic Focus scalpel for treatment of Wilms’ tumor in child

Case report of 1-year patient with damaging of Wilms’ tumor (Stage IV). According to the current staging and treatment SIOP 9 protocol, patient received the preoperative chemotherapy.

Modern surgical strategies in pediatric oncology

In review showed modern surgical strategies in selected areas of pediatric oncology. The newer energy sources have contributed to less blood and thus fewer complications following major resections. Robotic, endoscopy and stereotactic surgery have been the major advances in the treatment of pediatric tumours. There is more dependence on the use of chemotherapy, newer protocols […]