Deep learning for early detection of pathological changes in X-ray bone microstructures

Texture features are designed to quantitatively evaluate patterns of the spatial distribution of image pixels for purposes of image analysis and interpretation. Unexplained variations in the texture patterns often lead to misinterpretation and undesirable consequences in medical image analysis. In this paper, we explore the ability of Machine Learning (ML) methods to design a radiology test of Osteoarthritis (OA) at an early stage when the number of patients’ cases is small. In our experiments, we use high-resolution X-ray images of knees in patients which were identified with Kellgren-Lawrence scores progressing from 1. The existing ML methods have provided a limited diagnostic accuracy, whilst the proposed Group Method of Data Handling strategy of Deep Learning has significantly extended the diagnostic test. The comparative experiments demonstrate that the proposed framework using the Zernike-based texture features has significantly improved the diagnostic accuracy on average by 11%. This allows us to conclude that the designed model for early diagnostic of OA will provide more accurate radiology tests, although a new study is required when a large number of patients’ cases will be available.

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Retrieval bags for the laparoscopic surgery

The effectiveness of various retrieval bags for extracting resected tissues during the removal of hydatid cysts (HCs) of the liver in children was evaluated. This open, prospective study included 59 children with HC of the liver treated during 2010–2019. Multiport laparoscopic echinococcectomy was undertaken. Patients were divided into three groups depending on the type of retrieval bag used to remove chitinous sheaths and fibrous tissues of liver fragments: group 1, laparoscopic endobag without wire (n=23); group 2, EndoCatch bag (n=19); group 3, vacuum retrieval bag (n=17). The mean duration of the laparoscopic procedure was 120 min (71–193 min) in group 1; 92 min (59–168 min) in group 2; and 75 min (56–105 min) in group 3. The longest time required to extract the chitinous and fibrous membranes from the abdominal cavity reliably (F=3.455, P=0.044) was 17.5±2.5 min (group 1), and the shortest time was 8.7±2.0 min (group 3). Complications occurred in four patients and were minor. There were no deaths. In conclusion, the choice of retrieval bags for use during laparoscopic surgery for removing HC of the liver is an important factor. Laparoscopic echinococcectomy with the use of the vacuum retrieval bag proved to be an effective, safe technique for addressing HC of the liver in children.

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Каковы особенности антиагрегантного действия ацетилсалициловой кислоты у жителей Ставропольского края?

У больных кардиологического стационара, получающих ацетилсалициловую кислоту в дозе 75 мг в сутки, через 5 дней от начала лечения проводилась лазерная агрегатометрия. Оценивалась Continue Reading »



Human echinococcosis refers to severe parasitic diseases that affect different strata of the population and different age groups. Registration of this helminthiasis started in the USSR in 1983. According to the WHO, in some endemic areas, incidence rates of hydatid cysts fluctuate between 5%–10% of the total population per year. Modern epidemiology of the disease is characterized by infection among people who are engaged in livestock production, as well as increasingly more frequent infection among urban populations. The clinical importance of hydatid cysts is related to the severe clinical manifestations with multiple lesions of various organs, leading to long-term disability and death [1]. Continue Reading »

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Making Research Available Faster Online: Why Survey Practice Chose Scholastica

When Ashley Amaya took over as editor-in-chief of Survey Practice, the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s e-journal, in 2017, modernizing the publication was her main focus. Among her top priorities for the journal were improving its manuscript turnaround time from submission to publication, in order to make research available faster, and making the online-only journal more interactive for readers. In order to achieve these aims, she sought to move from issue-based publishing to a rolling publishing model, in which articles are published as they’re ready, and to make the journal mobile friendly with the ability to include multimedia in articles.

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Наднациональные (международные) рекомендации по наследуемым аневризмам и расслоениям грудной аорты

Наднациональные (международные) рекомендации по наследуемым аневризмам и расслоениям грудной аорты разработаны группой специалистов Евразийской ассоциации терапевтов, Белорусского научного общества кардиологов и Российского научного медицинского общества терапевтов, утверждены на II съезде Евразийской ассоциации терапевтов 19–20 мая 2016 года (Ереван), VII съезде кардиологов, кардиохирургов, рентгенэндоваскулярных и сосудистых хирургов Республики Беларусь 15–16 декабря 2016 года (Минск).

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Клинические рекомендации российского научного медицинского общества терапевтов по диагностике, лечению и реабилитации пациентов с дисплазиями соединительной ткани (первый пересмотр)

Клинические рекомендации Российского научного медицинского общества терапевтов по диагностике, лечению и реабилитации пациентов с дисплазиями соединительной ткани (первый пересмотр) утверждены на XII Национальном конгрессе терапевтов 22–24 ноября 2017 года.

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New level of article in Medical News of North Caucasus

New level of work “Fast track in the treatment of newborns with necrotizing enterocolitis” at Medical News of the North Caucasus #necrotizing #enterocolitis, #CHEOPS #scale, #treatment, #fast #track, #newborns #sminaev #mvnc #mnnc

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