Welcome to Medical News of North Caucasus

Medical News of North Caucasus is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes state-of-the-art reviews and original research papers of wide interest in all fields of medicine (surgery, therapeutics and pediatrics). The journal is dedicated to basic and clinical medical research, medical education. The journal also strives to provide publication of important manuscripts to the widest possible audience worldwide.

Journal “Medical News of North Caucasus“ does not limit its interests to the territorial particularities, at the same time it is oriented on giving local authors an opportunity to publish the results of their research provided that they are original and really innovative. In spite of the present conditions of certain information disparity and insufficient financing of research activities we quite often witness situations when interesting research or findings become known only in a narrow professional circle, and their results appear in departmental publications whose circulation is limited. This is especially true about research done in North Caucasus region. The Editorial Board is comprised of most authoritative doctors, pharmacists and researchers that represent in all fields of medicine of North Caucasus.

Medical News of North Caucasus was founded in 2006. The Journal issued once in three months.

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