Adhesion molecules: contribution to formation of dysplastic phenotype

Interrelation between the plasma levels of selectins (E, L, P), intercellular (ICAM-1), platelet-endothelial (PECAM-1), and vascular (VCAM-1) cell adhesion molecules and peculiar features of phenotype was determined in 102 patients (79 men and 23 women, aged 21.9±4.4 years) with signs of connective tissue dysplasia

Morphological investigation of connective tissue dysplasia in pediatric surgery

The study determined accessible and highly specific morphological research techniques for diagnosing the severity of the connective tissue dysplasia (CTD) in children with hernias of the anterior abdominal wall.

Multiorgan disorders in connective tissue dysplasia in children

Algorithm of diagnosis. Management tactics. Russian Recommendations adopted at X National Forum with international participation «Children’s health: prevention and treatment of socially significant diseases», May 11, 2016 in St. Petersburg, presents the data on the diagnostic features and treatment of the manifestations of connective tissue dysplasia in pediatric cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, hematology, orthopedics and […]